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Flash forward a few years later and both Evan and Aiden were hired to work as YMCA summer camp counselors themselves.  For the last 3 years they ahve worked as part of the YMCA summer camp staff and have gained immeasurable experience.  It is important to Aiden and Evan to give back and be postivie role models to the children at camp each day.  They often express to me their desire to make sure the kids have fun everyday, because they had such amazing summers as campers themselves, all due to the YMCA.

It is often said that 'it takes a village' and I am forever grateful that the Geneva YMCA was part of my family's village!"

~Tisha Mercend

The YMCA is able to influence generations of peiople within our community because we are, always have been, and always will be an integral part of that very community.  The Y is part of the everyday lives of so many families and individuals.  We are a constant source of support and encouragement, growth and learning as people move through the various seasons fo their lives.  We are never more proud of our work and influence than when we can see first hand the Y's impact on young people who we have worked with throughout their lives such as Evan and Aiden Merced. 

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"My children attended and were supported by the YMCA almost all of their lives.  The Y has provided our family with an environment where we could grous, learn and thrive all while being surrounded by supportive and encouraging staff. 

Every summer Evan and Aiden would attend the Y's Summer Camp program, and it was often the highlight of their summer.  They were so excited to go, often wondering who the counselors were going to be, and where they would go on the Friday field trips.  The Y helped make these experiences possible for them summer after summer until they finally became too old to attend camp anymore.  this would not, however, be the end of their journey with the Y.

Our journey with the YMCA began when my children, Aiden and Evan, were infants in Water Discovery and Progressive Swim Lessons.

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I may not have known it at the time, but these early adn positive experiences in the pool were influencing and inspiring Aiden to form a lasting love of the sport of competitive swimming and he would soon grow into a strong high school varsity swimmer. 

Beyond the swimming program, my children would be introduced to the sports           of basketball and soccer through the YMCA.  They always had a great time                  learning new skills due in great part to the YMCA staff, who always made them feel successful and taught the importance of always doing your best.

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