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Does your child love to swim and have strong swimming abilities?  The YMCA swim team is the next level for them to further challenge their skills.  Swim team is a unique sport that allows them to compete on a team as well as individually.  Regardless of age or grade level, all participants swim on the same team.  They learn about team spirit and setting personal goals.  Swimmers compete on local, state and national levels based on their ability.  Parents also have the option to allow their children to participate in both home and away meets or elect to simply have them practice with the team.

*Pre-requisite:  Swimmers must be a YMCA member, and need to be able to swim at least two lengths of the pool.  Coaches will evaluate and assess each swimmer individually and assign groups based on ability.

Sessions Runs:    October 10, 2023 -  April 2024
                Fee:     $350 for the Season, payment plan available!

There are four classifications of swimmers:

Beginner Swimmers.  They will learn to develop the four competitive strokes.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend 2-3 practices a week.

Intermediate Swimmers.  This group emphasizes the four strokes, racing starts, turns and beginning competitive swimming.  Swimmers are encouraged to swim 3-4 practices a week.  Swim meet attendance is encouraged.

Advanced Swimmers.  This group is for the serious swimmer.  There are practice requirements and kids are encouraged to attend meets.  Emphasis is placed on the complete development of a competitive swimmer.  Practice 3-4 times per week.

Advanced Competitive Swimmers.  This is for the serious swimmer.  There are practice requirements and swim meet attendance is strongly encouraged.  This group continues to develop the competitive swimmer with goals of high school and college competition.  Practice 4 times per week.

For more information please call (315) 789-1616