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Girls Lacrosse


The kindergarten thru 2nd grade level is all about developing a love for the game.  Most of the kids at this level are unable to pass and catch very well and that is to be expected.  It is important that coaches and parents encourage the kids to have fun and enjoy themselves while trying to teach good, fundamental mechanics.  Winning is certainly fun, but, at this level, we want the kids to enjoy coming to play.


The 3rd and 4th grade level should emphasize the foundations of skill development.  Players should be encouraged to use both their right and left hand equally throughout practice and games.  We begin to introduce some of the simpler tactical concepts of the game at this level as well and place a greater emphasis on team offense and defense.


The 5th thru 6th grade team is when you will really begin to see the game coming together.  Teams are expected to understand some of the tactical principals of the four phases of the game; offense, defense, clearing, and riding.  It is also to continue to stress team play at this level.  While one big 6th grader might be able to run through the entire team it won't last for long.

Basic fundamentals of catching

Basic fundamentals of passing

Basic fundamentals of shooting

Basic fundamentals of ground balls

ABCD of defense